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Radio Frequency

Radio frequency is an effective, non-invasive and painless procedure aimed to fight the signs of aging. From the very first sessions, in fact, your skin’s complexion will get a fresher look both on your face and body. Thanks to the great results it guarantees in toning up tissues and slimming processes, as well as against cellulite, this procedure proves to be much in demand to treat areas such as neck and low neckline, face, abs, legs and buttocks. The main outputs are then: lifting effect, draining, muscles and tissues toning up. With radio frequency a rise in temperature gets the blood flow to increase and stimulate the production of elastin, collagen and fibroblasts; human skin’s main components that with the passing of time start running short and creating slight skin blemishes such as wrinkles, furrows, tone relaxation and other signs of aging. From the very first session skin contraction will be visible through an impressive lifting effect.