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When our nails look well-groomed, with a healthy brightness, also our hands get an immediately more beautiful, perfect appearance . Nine out of ten women do have some relevant “nail issues” that more often than not are the result of onychophagy. When nails get bitten, in fact, the skin surrounding them appears to be shamefully broken . However, such nails can be treated in soft and natural ways that respect their integrity and are helpful in correcting both the effects of damaging habits/works and already existing physical defects. For all those with brittle, flat, delaminated, short, corrugated, slow-growing or, as said above, bitten nails; or even just for those getting prepared for a special occasion such as a wedding, a photo shooting or a business dinner, there is a very “handy” solution: nail reconstruction.

Nail Reconstruction: What is it?
Nowadays there are many different ways to reconstruct and extend nails available. Beauty salons, in fact, offer treatments based on materials such as gel, acrylic, glass or silk fibers. Thanks to its technic and chemical features the most innovative material is perhaps GEL. It proves, in fact, to be the most popular because, unlike acrylic, it doesn’t produce unpleasant smells while guaranteeing a very natural looking and long-lasting effect. Gels do not contain any acids that may hurt your nails. Furthermore, they are elastic flexible and thus shock-proof; and they have a permanent glossy look and are easy to take care of.
That’s why our beauty salon makes use of these materials.
Reconstructed nails do have an absolutely elegant and natural looking appearance. If desired, nail polish and nail art decorations may add a new, classy look.

GEL is highly advisable to all those women looking for perfect nails of the length that suits them more.
Lots of women have started making use of this application for special occasions, such as weddings or romantic dinners , and have ended up wearing it in their everyday lives because of the womanly pleasant, well-being sensation that it brings along.

In order to get an alike result without applying gel, polish nail should be applied on an everyday basis, a professional manicure should be delivered every two weeks and one should make consistent use of specific products. Gel reconstruction takes a two hours sitting that must be refreshed every 30/40 days with a refiling care session of about one hour. Your natural nails will grow strong being hardened by the gel and well-protected against external agents.