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Mud Therapy

Procedure carried out through the preparation of muds (with one part of clay and one liquid part) used in the shape of applicable compresses.

Cosmetically, mud therapy is helpful to fight locally spotted adiposities and cellulite. Furthermore, thanks to its remineralizing and cleansing action, it has an antiaging effect that makes the skin’s general quality and appearance look better .

Muds are extremely useful both to prevent and fight cellulite because of the osmosis process that, through the skin, exchanges fat and water particles (bringing them out) with nourishing minerals (letting them in).

The treatment is developed through the application of a layer of mud on the skin zones affected by adiposities or tone relaxation; such application is then covered with transparent film and rinsed off from the skin without using soap. The procedure should be repeated on alternate days for 3/4 weeks.

Before undergoing this procedure it is advisable to get an exfoliating scrub because a more velvety and full of active principles skin is more likely to enhance the action of the muds.